I might have got a really big goofy smile when I saw you on my dash again! Glad to have you back :)

I’m glad to be back! ;) Still have a lot of catching up to do, though.

It’s really nice to feel the familiar  feelings  here again, it’s warm, loving, exciting and HOT, and with a little bit angst. It’s PERFECT. If only I have enough free time per day! then I SHALL NEVER LEAVE AGAIN. MWAHAHAHAHA! *plz kindly ignore me*

Have to get back to work now, see you guys later. *sobs*

Cath: Peyton said he was sorry, he really wanted to meet you, but he had a plane to catch.
Danny: Pey- Peyton? You guys are on a first name basis now?
Cath: Kind of. We had a talk after the game, and told him that you were a huge fan and that you had to miss the game because of a case, and he wanted me to give you this.

I randomly thought about you today and wondered where you went and then saw that you're on a semi-hiatus. I hope you're doing well and I hope you'll be back soon. :)

Thank you, Anon! :)

I’m good! I went through some faimily crisis at the end of last year, but all is well now. I found a new job, things are a little busy at this time.

I’ve watched the latest episode of H50, which was really delightful, but I haven’t caught up with all the things happened in this fandom. I think I’ll truly return to tumblr after I find some balance between my job and my life.

Thanks again for your concern, :) I really miss you guys. I wish I can be back sooner. Lots of thanks for sticking with me. <3<3<3

I wish everyone had a happy new year and a beautiful 2013 ahead of you! 

- You have a spider on your neck. - What do you mean? Where? 

Det. Danny Williams&#8217;s spider dance
- You have a spider on your neck. - What do you mean? Where?
Det. Danny Williams’s spider dance



II Part

“And that is how Thor became a problem

and Loki became a hero”


Hawaii Five-0 AU - Steve and Danny as petty criminals

Danny: Hey, wake up.

Steve: What? What time is it? 

Danny: I’m really getting tired of this, Steve.

Steve: Tired of what?

Danny: You know what! Stealing shit. I’m not doing it anymore, I’m leaving.

Steve: You’ll come back, Danny. You always come back.